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Jumpy Monkey for iPhone and iPod Touch
Because jumping should be funny.
Help the pink monkey jump higher and higher. You'll have to dodge sharp cogwheels, mosquito swarms and sleepy hedgehogs. Kill monsters, wasps, angry worms, vampire bats and other scary creatures. Explore two magical worlds.

iPhone/iPod Touch:          iPad:
Beautiful graphics.
Jumpy Monkey is a game that really makes use of your retina display screen
with its beautiful graphics and an impressive amount of detail. You have to see it to believe it.
Scary creatures.
From your regular every day monsters found in the Earth world, you will discover new creatures with every new
level. Angry worms, falling spiders,
vampire bats are all out to get you. And it's not just the living things that you need to
dodge. There are traps, spider web, sharp cogwheels and monkey eating plants all over the place.
Easy two-zone control.
Intuitive control system designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch
lets you effortlessly control both jump speed and tail hits. Go to Game controls to see how easy it is to control your monkey.
All game, no screen clutter.
Game controls occupy very little screen realestate so you can see all the action. Visit Game controls for a detailed look into the gestures implemented in the game.
Two worlds. More coming.
Right now the action takes place in the Earth and Cave worlds. Each one has creatures and dangers specific to that
environment. 11 levels, plenty of enemies, monkey eating plants, sharp
cogwheels, vampire bats, killer wasps. Its hours and hours of fun game play. A new world is brewing up in our labs these days
and will be out soon. Read more about Jumpy Monkey's environments in the Worlds section.
Test it before you buy it.
You can download Jumpy Monkey for free. The first two levels are fully playable in the free version. If you like it and want to take your monkey further in the game you have to purchase the in-app feature Earth & Cave. As long as you use the free version of the game a small banner might appear at the bottom of the highscores window.
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