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Jumpy Monkey for iPhone and iPod Touch
Game controls. Hold it to control it.
Intuitive control system designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch lets you effortlessly control both jump speed and tail hits.
Hold it to control it.
The game controls were designed and positioned on the screen to allow you to effortlessly control the game while you hold your device. When you hold your device in landscape mode the left hand thumb can easily access the bottom left part of the screen while the right thumb can easily access the right side of the screen. So there's where we placed both controls of the game.
Right thumb controls jump, left thumb controls kicks.
Swipe up to higher jumps. Swipe down for lower jumps.
Swipe right to kick right. Swipe left to kick left.
Tilt the device right to walk or jump right. Tilt your device left to walk or jump left.
When your energy level drops very low pet your monkey to increase its energy. Swipe your finger a few times over the monkey Then watch it lough as its energy level increases a little.
Or watch the whole thing.
Below is a short video with a presentation of the game controls taken from Jumpy Monkey's help section:

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