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Jumpy Monkey for iPhone and iPod Touch
Earth. Cave. Next: Volcano
Two magical worlds full of scary creatures and dangerous elements.
Bright skies, puffy clouds, smiley sun. But this is no friendly world. Dangers lurk everywhere.

The main objective of the game is to collect gold and
fruits all throughout the game. Jump your way up to a higher score but beware. Sharp cogwheels are flying in the sky. When you hit one your energy level drops. Fruits help
restore your energy. When your energy level drops very low and there are no fruits in sight pet your
monkey to increase its energy. Go to Game controls for a detailed descripion of game controls to find out how you can pet the
Earth is full of dangers. Monsters roam around
and deadly wasps fly through the skies. But there's good
news! You can kill them both with your tail hit. Of course you have to avoid stepping on sleepy
hedgehogs or traps or enter mosquito swarms. Don't miss
purple mushrooms though. They catapult you higher and faster and help you pass unharmed through any obstacles you might findalong the way.
With all that jumping around you have fallen into a deep cave. A whole new world awaits you. A part of it wants to eat you or suck your blood. But now you now how to use your tail and dodge any danger.

Strange and angry worms crawl all through the cave.
Don't let them touch you or you're dead! Slice them with a quick hit or your tail. But worms are not the only ones out to get you. Spider, eating plants, vampire bats are all your enemies. The cave is full of
them. And the creepy scenery does not help at all.
Dead trees and bushes are all around. The only green plants are carnivorous plants. Don't go near them. They are
really hungry. Food is scarce in this environment.
Your jumping echo dislocates rocks from the
cave walls. They fall too fast for you to dodge them. When they hit, they hurt and drain your energy. As always,
you have to find and eat all the fruits you find to restore your energy. Beware of abandoned
spiderwebs. They are still sticky and they will trap you. If you get
cought, hit 3 times with your tail to break them appart.
When you finally exit the cave you see you're at the base of an erupting volcano. What dangers will await you? Complete both Earth and Cave to be prepared for this new world. Coming soon from our labs.


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